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Last updated on: 2022-12-17 14:28 [UTC]

Hints for eog-plugin-send-by-mail in main

eog-send-by-mail ⚙ amd64


  • asv-cid-is-not-rdns
    eog-send-by-mail.metainfo.xml:4 - eog-send-by-mail
    The component ID is required to follow a reverse domain-name scheme for its name. See the AppStream specification for details.


  • asv-unknown-tag
    eog-send-by-mail.metainfo.xml:98 - updatecontact
    Found invalid tag. Non-standard tags should be prefixed with `x-`. AppStream also provides the <custom/> tag to add arbitrary custom data to metainfo files. This tag is read by AppStream libraries and may be useful instead of defining new custom toplevel or `x-`-prefixed tags if you just want to add custom data to a metainfo file.
  • asv-cid-contains-hyphen
    eog-send-by-mail.metainfo.xml:4 - eog-send-by-mail
    The component ID contains a hyphen/minus. Using a hyphen is strongly discouraged, to improve interoperability with other tools such as D-Bus. A good option is to replace any hyphens with underscores (`_`).