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Last updated on: 2022-12-17 14:28 [UTC]

Hints for gtetrinet in main

gtetrinet.desktop ⚙ amd64


  • icon-too-small
    Only a very small icon ('gtetrinet_gtetrinet.png', 40x40px) could be located. Please try to supply a bigger icon (at least 64x64px) in the Freedesktop icon path (/usr/share/icons/hicolor/%size%/apps/).
  • icon-not-found
    The icon 'gtetrinet' was not found in the archive. This issue can have multiple reasons:
    • The icon is not present in the archive.
    • The icon is in a wrong directory.
    • The icon is not available in a suitable size (at least 64x64px)
    • On Debian and Ubuntu, the icon is a symlink. The generator cannot read symlinks on these distributions - make the icon a real file.
    To make the icon easier to find, place it in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/<size>/apps and ensure the Icon= value of the .desktop file is set correctly.

gtetrinet ⚙ amd64


  • metainfo-license-invalid
    The MetaInfo file does not seem to be licensed under a permissive license that is in the allowed set for AppStream metadata. Valid permissive licenses include FSFAP, CC0-1.0 or MIT. Using one of the vetted permissive licenses is required to allow distributors to include the metadata in mixed data collections without the risk of license violations due to mixing incompatible licenses.We only support a limited set of licenses that went through legal review. Refer to the specification documentation for information on how to make 'GPL-2+' a valid expression, or consider replacing the license with one of the recognized licenses directly.