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cataclysm-dda - 0.E-3-1 ⚙ amd64 ⚙ arm64 ⚙ armel ⚙ armhf ⚙ i386 ⚙ ppc64el ⚙ s390x ⚙ mips64el

Type: desktop-application
ID: cataclysm-dda
Package: cataclysm-dda-sdl
  C: 'Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead'
  C: A turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world
  C: >-
          Struggle to survive in a harsh, persistent, procedurally
          generated world. Scavenge the remnants of a dead civilization
          for food, equipment, or, if you are lucky, a vehicle with a full
          tank of gas to get you the hell out of Dodge. Fight to defeat or
          escape from a wide variety of powerful monstrosities, from
          zombies to giant insects to killer robots and things far
          stranger and deadlier, and against the others like yourself,
          that want what you have...
          As your game begins, you awaken with hazy memories of violence
          and terror from when the world suddenly unraveled around
          you. Now you need to explore your surroundings, and secure food,
          water and safety. After that, who knows? Long term survival will
          mean tapping abilities you haven’t used before, learning to
          survive in this new environment and developing new skills.
ProjectLicense: CC-BY-SA-3.0
- Game
- RolePlaying
  - zombie
  - rogue
  - roguelike
  - tiles
  - dda
  - cdda
  homepage: https://www.cataclysmdda.org
  bugtracker: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues
  translate: https://www.transifex.com/cataclysm-dda-translators/cataclysm-dda/
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    width: 48
    height: 48
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    width: 64
    height: 64
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    width: 128
    height: 128
  stock: cataclysm-dda
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    width: 128
    height: 128
  - cataclysm-dda.desktop
  - cataclysm-tiles
- version: 0.D Danny
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1552003200
    C: >-
                The Danny release is characterized by MORE. More UI polish,
                more features, more content, more long-asked-for
                changes. It’s the longest-lived and largest in every way
                release we’ve ever done, and we hope to never do it
                again. Future releases are planned for roughly 6-month
                intervals. This release is made up of 37,604 commits
                authored by over 700 contributors, and it roughly doubled
                the number of everything in the game, items, monsters, map
                buildings, you name it, we doubled it.
                It’s honestly way too huge to summarize in any meaningful
                way, but here are the absolute biggest changes, and you’ll
                just have to dig into the changelog or the game itself for
                more detail.
                  Many quality of life enhancements such as auto-pulp,
                  autopickup, batch actions, interacting with adjacent items
                  and improved long-action handling.
                  Pixel minimap for tiles mode.
                  Guns accept magazines when appropriate.
                  Player stamina stat that is burned by running and other
                  physical exertion.
                  Player faction base that allows incremental growth and
                  autonomous work by NPCs.
                  The player remembers terrain and furniture they have seen.
                  Carrying racks for small vehicles.
                  Vehicle system (speed, fuel consumption, terrain effects)
                  Overhauled nutrition, food spoilage and food state changes
                  Overhauled bomb fragment handling.
                  NPC dialogue support, group commands, tactical
                  instructions and backstories.
                  Dynamic Lighting.
                  Roughly DOUBLED the amount of in-game content.
                  Unheard-of levels of bugfixing.
                  Full translations for Chinese, German, Japanese, Polish
                  and Russian.
- version: 0.C Cooper
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1425859200
- version: 0.B Brin
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1416182400
- version: 0.A Kaufman
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1395446400
    violence-fantasy: intense
    violence-bloodshed: intense
    violence-sexual: intense
    violence-desecration: intense
    violence-slavery: intense
    violence-worship: intense
    drugs-alcohol: moderate
    drugs-narcotics: moderate
    drugs-tobacco: moderate
    sex-nudity: intense
    sex-themes: intense
    sex-homosexuality: intense
    sex-prostitution: intense
    sex-adultery: intense
    sex-appearance: intense
    language-profanity: moderate
    language-humor: mild
    language-discrimination: intense