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org.freedesktop.fwupd - 1.5.7-4 ⚙ amd64 ⚙ arm64 ⚙ armel ⚙ armhf ⚙ i386 ⚙ ppc64el ⚙ s390x ⚙ mips64el

Type: console-application
ID: org.freedesktop.fwupd
Package: fwupd
  C: fwupd
  C: Update device firmware on Linux
  C: >-
          This project aims to make updating firmware on Linux automatic, safe and
          You can either use a GUI software manager like GNOME Software to view and
          apply updates, the command-line tool or the D-Bus interface directly.
          The fwupd process is a simple daemon to allow session software to update
          device firmware on your local machine.
          It is designed for desktops, but this project is also usable on phones,
          tablets and on headless servers.
ProjectLicense: LGPL-2.0+
  bugtracker: https://github.com/fwupd/fwupd/issues
  homepage: https://fwupd.org/
  translate: https://www.transifex.com/freedesktop/fwupd/
  - fwupdmgr
  - fwupdtool
  - fwupdtpmevlog
  - fwupdagent
- locale: ca
  percentage: 100
- locale: cs
  percentage: 98
- locale: da
  percentage: 91
- locale: de
  percentage: 30
- locale: en_GB
  percentage: 100
- locale: en_US
  percentage: 100
- locale: fi
  percentage: 99
- locale: fur
  percentage: 43
- locale: gl
  percentage: 47
- locale: hr
  percentage: 91
- locale: hu
  percentage: 62
- locale: id
  percentage: 63
- locale: it
  percentage: 100
- locale: ko
  percentage: 65
- locale: lt
  percentage: 50
- locale: pl
  percentage: 100
- locale: pt_BR
  percentage: 100
- locale: ru
  percentage: 45
- locale: sv
  percentage: 76
- locale: tr
  percentage: 51
- locale: uk
  percentage: 100
- locale: zh_CN
  percentage: 97
- locale: zh_TW
  percentage: 32
- version: 1.5.7
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1614038400
    C: >-
      <p>This release adds the following features:</p>

        <li>Add initial support for Bluez bluetooth devices</li>
        <li>Add more supported pixart devices</li>
        <li>Add support for the RTD21xx HDMI converter</li>

      <p>This release fixes the following bugs:</p>

        <li>Convert MBR types to GPT GUIDs to help find the ESP</li>
        <li>Do not allow updating a synaptics-mst device with no customer ID</li>
        <li>Drop unused heap pages after startup has completed</li>
        <li>Ensure SBAT metadata is added correctly</li>
        <li>Move the plugin build logic to the plugins themselves</li>
        <li>Only allow verify-update for plugins that support CAN_VERIFY</li>
- version: 1.5.6
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1613433600
    C: >-
      <p>This release adds the following features:</p>

        <li>Add SBAT metadata to the fwupd EFI binary</li>
        <li>Add support for GD32VF103 as found in the Longan Nano</li>
        <li>Add support for RMI PS2 devices</li>
        <li>Add support for the System76 Keyboard</li>
        <li>Allow downloading firmware from IPFS</li>
        <li>Install the UX data into a single .tar.xz file</li>

      <p>This release fixes the following bugs:</p>

        <li>Add support for the Starlabs LabTop L4</li>
        <li>Allow using an external ESP again</li>
        <li>Ask the user to reboot when required if downgrading</li>
        <li>Be more paranoid when parsing ASCII buffers and devices</li>
        <li>Check if the fwupd BootXXXX entry exists on failure</li>
        <li>Clear the pending flag if restarting the system</li>
        <li>Do not allow flashing using flashrom if BLE is enabled</li>
        <li>Do not allow Lenovo hardware to install multiple capsules</li>
        <li>Do not parse the OptionROM image</li>
        <li>Do not show Unknown [***] for every client connection</li>
        <li>Fix dnload wBlockNum wraparound for ST devices</li>
        <li>Fix OOM when using large ArchiveSizeMax values</li>
        <li>Fix several crashes spotted by AddressSanitizer</li>
        <li>Fix several places where the Goodix MOC plugin could crash</li>
        <li>Include the PCR0 to the report metadata</li>
        <li>Report the lockdown status from UEFI and SuperIO plugins</li>
        <li>Show a console warning if the system clock is not set</li>
- version: 1.5.5
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1610323200
    C: >-
      <p>This release adds the following features:</p>

        <li>Add a plugin to update PixArt RF devices</li>
        <li>Add new hardware to use the elantp and rts54hid plugins</li>
        <li>Allow specifying more than one VendorID for a device</li>
        <li>Detect the AMD TSME encryption state for HSI-4</li>
        <li>Detect the AMI PK test key is not installed for HSI-1</li>

      <p>This release fixes the following bugs:</p>

        <li>Fix flashing a fingerprint reader that is in use</li>
        <li>Fix several critical warnings when parsing invalid firmware</li>
        <li>Fix updating DFU devices that use DNLOAD_BUSY</li>
        <li>Ignore the legacy UEFI OVMF dummy GUID</li>
        <li>Make libfwupd more thread safe to fix a crash in gnome-software</li>
        <li>Never show unprintable chars from invalid firmware in the logs</li>
- version: 1.5.4
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1608076800
    C: >-
      <p>This release adds the following features:</p>

        <li>Add Maple Ridge Thunderbolt firmware parsing support</li>
        <li>Add --no-remote-check to ignore checking for download remotes</li>
        <li>Allow creating FMAP and Synaptics firmware using builder.xml</li>
        <li>Build a test harness that uses honggfuzz to fuzz firmware</li>

      <p>This release fixes the following bugs:</p>

        <li>Allow using fwupdtool as non-root for firmware commands</li>
        <li>Do not trust the Block.HintSystem boolean for ESP filtering</li>
        <li>Fix a memory leak when parsing Synaptics firmware</li>
        <li>Fix a possible crash when reading the Goodix MOC USB request</li>
        <li>Fix crashes when parsing invalid FMAP, DMC, Solokey and Synaptics images</li>
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