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io.github.sharkwouter.Minigalaxy - 1.0.2-1 ⚙ all

Type: desktop-application
ID: io.github.sharkwouter.Minigalaxy
Package: minigalaxy
  C: Minigalaxy
  C: A simple GOG client for Linux
  C: >-
            Minigalaxy lets you download, install and play your GOG Linux games without getting in your way.
    <p> Besides all that, it offers the following additional features:</p>

      <li>Select in which language you'd prefer to download your games</li>
      <li>Change where games are installed</li>
      <li>Search your GOG Linux library</li>
      <li>Show all games or just the ones you've installed</li>
      <li>View the error message if a game fails to launch</li>
      <li>Enable displaying the FPS in games</li>

    <p>An account on gog.com is required to use this application.</p>
  C: Wouter "sharkwouter" Wijsman
ProjectLicense: GPL-3.0-or-later
- Game
  - galaxy
  - gaming
  - games
  - game
  - old
  - good
  - gog
  homepage: https://github.com/sharkwouter/minigalaxy
  - name: minigalaxy_io.github.sharkwouter.Minigalaxy.png
    width: 48
    height: 48
  - name: minigalaxy_io.github.sharkwouter.Minigalaxy.png
    width: 64
    height: 64
  - name: minigalaxy_io.github.sharkwouter.Minigalaxy.png
    width: 128
    height: 128
  stock: io.github.sharkwouter.Minigalaxy
  - url: io/github/sharkwouter.Minigalaxy/87da218afab1654603e220834e66db6e/icons/128x128/minigalaxy_io.github.sharkwouter.Minigalaxy.png
    width: 128
    height: 128
  - io.github.sharkwouter.Minigalaxy.desktop
  - minigalaxy
- default: true
    C: Minigalaxy
  - url: io/github/sharkwouter.Minigalaxy/87da218afab1654603e220834e66db6e/screenshots/image-1_1248x755.png
    width: 1248
    height: 755
  - url: io/github/sharkwouter.Minigalaxy/87da218afab1654603e220834e66db6e/screenshots/image-1_752x454.png
    width: 752
    height: 454
  - url: io/github/sharkwouter.Minigalaxy/87da218afab1654603e220834e66db6e/screenshots/image-1_624x377.png
    width: 624
    height: 377
  - url: io/github/sharkwouter.Minigalaxy/87da218afab1654603e220834e66db6e/screenshots/image-1_224x135.png
    width: 224
    height: 135
    url: io/github/sharkwouter.Minigalaxy/87da218afab1654603e220834e66db6e/screenshots/image-1_orig.png
    width: 1400
    height: 847
- version: 1.0.2
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1610582400
    C: >-
      <p>Implements the following changes:</p>

        <li>Fix updates sometimes not working</li>
        <li>Fix some games always showing an update is available</li>
        <li>Fix DLC not downloading (thanks to stephanlachnit)</li>
        <li>Fix DLC update option not showing up (thanks to makson96)</li>
        <li>Fix show store page button not showing anymore (thanks to makson96)</li>
        <li>Fix missing thumbnails not being downloaded for already installed games (thanks to makson96)</li>
        <li>Fix the login screen crashing in some cases (thanks to makson96)</li>
        <li>Use the system's icon theme for icons used (thanks to stephanlachnit and makson96)</li>
- version: 1.0.1
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1609977600
    C: >-
      <p>Implements the following changes:</p>

        <li>Open maximized if the window was maximized when last closed (thanks to TotalCaesar659)</li>
        <li>Kept installers are now stored in ~/.cache/minigalaxy/download</li>
        <li>Fix about window displaying wrong version number</li>
        <li>Fix show store page button not showing anymore (thanks to makson96)</li>
        <li>Fix the download manager crashing when an installer has been damaged during downloading (thanks to makson96)</li>
        <li>Fix games showing an update is available while the latest version is installed (thanks to makson96)</li>
        <li>Fix loading the library taking a long time when many games are installed (thanks to makson96)</li>
        <li>Fix Gex not launching</li>

      <p>Added the following translations:</p>

        <li>Swedish (thanks to Newbytee)</li>

      <p>Updated the following translations:</p>

        <li>Polish (thanks to ArturWroblewski)</li>
        <li>Russian (thanks to TotalCaesar659)</li>
- version: 1.0.0
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1606608000
    C: >-
      <p>Implements the following changes:</p>

        <li>Games can now be updated (thanks to mdgomes and makson96)</li>
        <li>DLC can now be installed and updated (thanks to makson96)</li>
        <li>The installed filter now also shows games which are downloading (thanks to makson96)</li>
        <li>Fix crash on some systems where /usr/bin is linked to /bin (thanks to sgn)</li>
        <li>Create new config file if old one is unreadable (thanks to SvdB-nonp)</li>
        <li>Fix some Windows games not installing because of the directory name used (thanks to SvdB-nonp)</li>
        <li>Fix some Windows games like Witcher 3 not launching because of the working directory not being set (thanks for
        <li>Clean up installation files for cancelled downloads (thanks to SvdB-nonp)</li>
        <li>Fix crash on flaky internet connection (thanks to makson96)</li>
        <li>Use 755 permissions for all directories created by Minigalaxy</li>
        <li>Remove cached files when cancelling a download (thanks to svdB-nonp)</li>
        <li>Installed games should no longer be shown twice (thanks to makson96)</li>

      <p>Added the following translations:</p>

        <li>Simplified Chinese (thanks to dummyx)</li>
        <li>Spanish (thanks to juanborda)</li>

      <p>Updated the following translations:</p>

        <li>Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to EsdrasTarsis)</li>
        <li>French (thanks to Thomasb22)</li>
        <li>German (thanks to BlindJerobine)</li>
        <li>Norwegian Bokmål (thanks to kimmalmo)</li>
        <li>Russian (thanks to protheory8)</li>
        <li>Taiwanese Mandarin (thanks to s8321414)</li>
        <li>Turkish (thanks to fuzunspm</li>
- version: 0.9.4
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1587340800
    C: >-
        <li>Added Norwegian Nynorsk translation (thanks to LordPilum).</li>
        <li>Added Russian translation (thanks to protheory8).</li>
        <li>Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to EsdrasTarsis).</li>
        <li>Updated French translation (thanks to thomasb22).</li>
        <li>Updated German translation (thanks to BlindJerobine).</li>
        <li>Updated Norwegian Bokmål translation (thanks to kimmalmo).</li>
        <li>Updated Polish translation (thanks to ArturWroblewski).</li>
        <li>Updated Taiwanese Mandarin translation (thanks to s8321414).</li>
        <li>Updated Turkish translation (thanks to fuzunspm).</li>
        <li>Added support for installing Windows games (with help from Odelpasso).</li>
        <li>Added store page link to game menus (thanks to larslindq).</li>
        <li>Fixed game directories being created without any spaces in the name (thanks to larslindq).</li>
        <li>Fixed thumbnails not being downloaded for already installed games.</li>
        <li>Fixed symlinks to libraries not being created correctly upon installation.</li>
        <li>Made preparations for a Flathub package.</li>
        <li>Added all contributors and translators to the about window.</li>
    drugs-alcohol: moderate
    drugs-narcotics: moderate
    drugs-tobacco: moderate
    language-discrimination: intense
    language-humor: intense
    language-profanity: intense
    money-gambling: none
    money-purchasing: moderate
    sex-adultery: moderate
    sex-appearance: moderate
    sex-homosexuality: moderate
    sex-nudity: intense
    sex-prostitution: moderate
    sex-themes: moderate
    social-audio: moderate
    social-chat: moderate
    social-contacts: none
    social-info: none
    social-location: none
    violence-bloodshed: intense
    violence-cartoon: intense
    violence-desecration: intense
    violence-fantasy: intense
    violence-realistic: intense
    violence-sexual: moderate
    violence-slavery: intense
    violence-worship: intense