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io.github.qtox.qTox - 1.16.3-2 ⚙ amd64 ⚙ arm64 ⚙ armhf ⚙ i386 ⚙ ppc64el ⚙ s390x ⚙ mips64el

Type: desktop-application
ID: io.github.qtox.qTox
Package: qtox
  C: qTox
  C: Powerful Tox chat client that follows the Tox design guidelines.
  C: >-
    <p>A New Kind of Instant Messaging</p>

    <p>With the rise of government monitoring programs, qTox provides an easy to use
        application that allows you to connect with friends and family without anyone
        else listening in. While other big-name services require you to pay for
        features, qTox is totally free, and comes without advertising.</p>
    <p>Nowadays, every government seems to be interested in what we&apos;re saying online.
        qTox is built on a &quot;privacy goes first&quot; agenda, and we make no compromises.
        Your safety is our top priority, and there isn&apos;t anything in the world that
        will change that.</p>
    <p>Instant messaging, video conferencing, and more.</p>

      <li>Messages: At your fingertips. You&apos;re always in the loop with instant encrypted messaging.</li>
      <li>Calls: Stay in touch. Make free and secure qTox to qTox calls.</li>
      <li>Video: Seeing is believing. Catch up face to face with a secure video call.</li>

    <p>qTox is a free and open source software, built by and for the users!</p>

      <li>Security: qTox takes your privacy seriously. With leading-class encryption,
          you can rest assured knowing that the only people reading your messages are
          the ones you send them to.</li>
      <li>Ease of Use: Unlike other secure messaging solutions, qTox does not require
          you to be a computer programmer to use it. qTox comes out-of-the-box with an
          easy-to-use interface that allows you to focus on your conversations.</li>
      <li>Freedom: qTox is both free for you to use, and free for you to change.
          You are completely free to both use and modify qTox. Furthermore,
          qTox will never harass you with ads, or require you to pay for features.</li>
ProjectGroup: qTox
ProjectLicense: GPL-3.0
- Network
- InstantMessaging
- Chat
- Telephony
- VideoConference
  homepage: https://qtox.github.io
  - name: qtox_qtox.png
    width: 48
    height: 48
  - name: qtox_qtox.png
    width: 64
    height: 64
  - name: qtox_qtox.png
    width: 128
    height: 128
  stock: qtox
  - url: io/github/qtox.qTox/56D9E7B59710560AEB8DFE39F65DF328/icons/128x128/qtox_qtox.png
    width: 128
    height: 128
  - io.github.qtox.qTox.desktop
  - x-scheme-handler/tox
  - application/x-tox
- default: true
    C: A sample conversation taking place on qTox.
  - url: io/github/qtox.qTox/56D9E7B59710560AEB8DFE39F65DF328/screenshots/image-1_752x508.png
    width: 752
    height: 508
  - url: io/github/qtox.qTox/56D9E7B59710560AEB8DFE39F65DF328/screenshots/image-1_624x421.png
    width: 624
    height: 421
  - url: io/github/qtox.qTox/56D9E7B59710560AEB8DFE39F65DF328/screenshots/image-1_224x151.png
    width: 224
    height: 151
    url: io/github/qtox.qTox/56D9E7B59710560AEB8DFE39F65DF328/screenshots/image-1_orig.png
    width: 1144
    height: 773
- caption:
    C: A sample groupchat discussion taking place on qTox.
  - url: io/github/qtox.qTox/56D9E7B59710560AEB8DFE39F65DF328/screenshots/image-2_752x451.png
    width: 752
    height: 451
  - url: io/github/qtox.qTox/56D9E7B59710560AEB8DFE39F65DF328/screenshots/image-2_624x374.png
    width: 624
    height: 374
  - url: io/github/qtox.qTox/56D9E7B59710560AEB8DFE39F65DF328/screenshots/image-2_224x134.png
    width: 224
    height: 134
    url: io/github/qtox.qTox/56D9E7B59710560AEB8DFE39F65DF328/screenshots/image-2_orig.png
    width: 958
    height: 575