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Last updated on: 2024-07-21 02:25 [UTC]

Hints for endless-sky in main

io.github.endless_sky.endless_sky ⚙ amd64


  • screenshot-download-error
    Error while downloading screenshot from 'https://camo.githubusercontent.com/647979e73d2121a1a982a96b0561e0e435598fd4/68747470733a2f2f656e646c6573732d736b792e6769746875622e696f2f73637265656e73686f74732f736d616c6c382e6a7067': Unexpected status code: 403
    This might be a temporary server issue, or the screenshot is no longer available.


  • asv-developer-name-tag-deprecated
    io.github.endless_sky.endless_sky.appdata.xml:9 -
    The toplevel `developer_name` element is deprecated. Please use the `name` element in a `developer` block instead.
  • asv-developer-info-missing
    io.github.endless_sky.endless_sky.appdata.xml -
    This component contains no `developer` element with information about its author.