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Last updated on: 2023-03-20 14:21 [UTC]

Hints for five-or-more in main

org.gnome.five-or-more ⚙ amd64


  • asv-cid-contains-hyphen
    :4 - org.gnome.five-or-more
    The component ID contains a hyphen/minus. Using a hyphen is strongly discouraged, to improve interoperability with other tools such as D-Bus. A good option is to replace any hyphens with underscores (`_`).
  • asv-summary-has-dot-suffix
    :99 - பககையிலிருந்து வண்ண பந்துகளை வரிசைகளாக நீக்கவும்ும்.
    The component summary should not end with a dot (`.`).
  • asv-url-not-secure
    :288 - http://www.gnome.org/friends/
    Consider using a secure (HTTPS) URL for this web link.
  • asv-nonstandard-gnome-extension
    :293 - kudos
    This tag is a GNOME-specific extension to AppStream and not part of the official specification. Do not expect it to work in all implementations and in all software centers.