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Last updated on: 2020-09-21 08:14 [UTC]

Hints for flowblade in main

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  • legacy-metainfo-directory
    The AppStream MetaInfo file 'io.github.jliljebl.Flowblade.appdata.xml' was found in a legacy path.
    Please install MetaInfo files into /usr/share/metainfo, as the old path will not be recognized anymore in the future.

io.github.jliljebl.Flowblade ⚙ all


  • asv-invalid-iso8601-date
    io.github.jliljebl.Flowblade.appdata.xml:24 - 2020-27-06
    The AppStream specification requires a complete, ISO 8601 date string with at least day-granularity to denote dates. Please ensure the date string is valid.


  • asv-cid-contains-uppercase-letter
    io.github.jliljebl.Flowblade.appdata.xml:3 - io.github.jliljebl.Flowblade
    The component ID should only contain lowercase letters.