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Last updated on: 2024-07-22 08:31 [UTC]

Hints for fonts-smc-anjalioldlipi in main

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  • font-metainfo-but-no-font
    A MetaInfo file with component-type font was found, but we could not find any matching font file (TrueType or OpenType) in the package.
    This can mean that the <provides> - <font> tags contain wrong values that we could not map to the actual fonts, or that the package simply contained no fonts at all.
    Fonts in this package: AnjaliOldLipi


  • asv-nonstandard-gnome-extension
    in.org.smc.anjalioldlipi.metainfo.xml:26 - metadata
    This tag is a GNOME-specific extension to AppStream and not part of the official specification. Do not expect it to work in all implementations and in all software centers.
  • asv-developer-info-missing
    in.org.smc.anjalioldlipi.metainfo.xml -
    This component contains no `developer` element with information about its author.