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Last updated on: 2021-07-29 02:15 [UTC]

Hints for gnome-twitch in main

general ⚙ amd64


  • legacy-metainfo-directory
    The AppStream MetaInfo file 'com.vinszent.GnomeTwitch.appdata.xml' was found in a legacy path.
    Please install MetaInfo files into /usr/share/metainfo, as the old path will not be recognized anymore in the future.

com.vinszent.GnomeTwitch.desktop ⚙ amd64


  • gettext-data-not-found
    Unable to find any translation data for specified Gettext domain 'gnome-twitch'.
  • no-translation-statistics
    We could not extract any translation statistics, although metadata hints were given that the data exists. Please check the <translation/> MetaInfo tag for spelling mistakes. It also makes sense to ensure all locale files are placed in the right directories (e.g. gettext .mo files in /usr/share/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/


  • asv-url-not-secure
    com.vinszent.GnomeTwitch.appdata.xml:74 - http://gnome-twitch.vinszent.com/
    Consider using a secure (HTTPS) URL for this web link.
  • asv-description-first-para-too-short
    com.vinszent.GnomeTwitch.appdata.xml:29 - Allows searching for and watching Twitch streams from the desktop.
    The first `description/p` paragraph of this component might be too short (< 80 characters). Please consider starting with a longer paragraph to improve how the description looks like in software centers and to provide more detailed information on this component immediately in the first paragraph.
  • asv-nonstandard-gnome-extension
    com.vinszent.GnomeTwitch.appdata.xml:117 - kudos
    This tag is a GNOME-specific extension to AppStream and not part of the official specification. Do not expect it to work in all implementations and in all software centers.