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Last updated on: 2024-07-21 08:27 [UTC]

Hints for input-remapper-gtk in main

io.github.sezanzeb.input_remapper ⚙ all


  • gui-app-without-icon
    The component is a GUI application (application which has a .desktop file for the XDG menu and Type=Application), but we could not find a matching icon for this application.


  • missing-launchable-desktop-file
    The MetaInfo file references a .desktop file with ID 'input-remapper.desktop' in its launchable tag, but the file was not found in the same source tree. In order to be able to launch the software once it was installed, please place the MetaInfo file and its .desktop files in the same package.


  • asv-developer-info-missing
    io.github.sezanzeb.input_remapper.metainfo.xml -
    This component contains no `developer` element with information about its author.