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Last updated on: 2024-07-21 02:25 [UTC]

Hints for qtads in main

nikos.chantziaras.qtads ⚙ amd64


  • asv-description-has-plaintext-url
    nikos.chantziaras.qtads.appdata.xml:25 - p
    The description contains a web URL in plain text. This is not allowed, please use the <url/> tag instead to share links.


  • asv-cid-maybe-not-rdns
    nikos.chantziaras.qtads.appdata.xml:4 - nikos.chantziaras.qtads
    The component ID might not follow the reverse domain-name schema (the TLD used by it is not known to the validator).
  • asv-developer-name-tag-deprecated
    nikos.chantziaras.qtads.appdata.xml:9 -
    The toplevel `developer_name` element is deprecated. Please use the `name` element in a `developer` block instead.
  • asv-content-rating-missing
    nikos.chantziaras.qtads.appdata.xml -
    This component has no `content_rating` tag to provide age rating information. You can generate the tag data online by answering a few questions at https://hughsie.github.io/oars/
  • asv-developer-info-missing
    nikos.chantziaras.qtads.appdata.xml -
    This component contains no `developer` element with information about its author.