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Last updated on: 2020-02-17 20:14 [UTC]

Hints for samplv1 in main

org.rncbc.samplv1 ⚙ arm64


  • asv-description-para-markup-invalid
    samplv1.appdata.xml:12 - ul
    This description paragraph contains invalid markup. Currently, only <em/> and <code/> are permitted.


  • asv-description-first-para-too-short
    samplv1.appdata.xml:10 - samplv1 is an old-school polyphonic sampler synthesizer with stereo fx.
    The first 'description/p' paragraph of this component might be too short (< 80 characters). Please consider starting with a longer paragraph to improve how the description looks like in software centers and to provide more detailed information on this component immediately in the first paragraph.
  • asv-screenshot-media-url-insecure
    samplv1.appdata.xml:25 - http://samplv1.sourceforge.net/image/samplv1-screenshot8.png
    Consider using a secure (HTTPS) URL to reference this screenshot image or video.