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Last updated on: 2021-10-19 20:15 [UTC]

Hints for sugar-browse-activity in main

org.laptop.WebActivity.activity.desktop ⚙ all


  • asv-spdx-license-unknown
    org.laptop.WebActivity.appdata.xml:8 - GPLv2+;LGPLv2+;GPLv3+
    The license ID was not found in the SPDX database. Please check that the license ID is written in an SPDX-conformant way and is a valid free software license.


  • asv-content-rating-missing
    org.laptop.WebActivity.appdata.xml -
    This component has no `content_rating` tag to provide age rating information. You can generate the tag data online by answering a few questions at https://hughsie.github.io/oars/