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Last updated on: 2024-07-20 14:30 [UTC]

Hints for xmlcopyeditor in main

xmlcopyeditor.desktop ⚙ amd64


  • metainfo-license-invalid
    The MetaInfo file does not seem to be licensed under a permissive license that is in the allowed set for AppStream metadata. Valid permissive licenses include FSFAP, CC0-1.0 or MIT. Using one of the vetted permissive licenses is required to allow distributors to include the metadata in mixed data collections without the risk of license violations due to mixing incompatible licenses.We only support a limited set of licenses that went through legal review. Refer to the specification documentation for information on how to make '' a valid expression, or consider replacing the license with one of the recognized licenses directly.


  • no-metainfo
    This software component is missing a MetaInfo file to provide metadata.
    We currently took some data from its desktop-entry file and the long description of the package it is located in.
    This has several disadvantages, like poor markup, too technical descriptions for users of software centers, different components having the same description, etc.
    Additionally, a lot of software with desktop-entry files should either not be installable and searchable via the software catalog (like desktop-specific settings applications) or be tagged accordingly via MetaInfo files.
    Please consider to either hide this desktop-entry file from AppStream by adding a X-AppStream-Ignore=true field to it, or to write a MetaInfo file for this component and send it upstream.
    Generating components from non-MetaInfo files is deprecated, if you do not add a MetaInfo file, this software may vanish from the metadata catalog (and if it is a GUI application, no longer be visible in software centers) in a future distribution release.
    You can consult the MetaInfo quickstart guides for more information on how to write a MetaInfo file, or file a bug with the upstream author of this software component.