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org.ubuntubudgie.quickchar - 1.4.0-2 ⚙ all

Type: desktop-application
ID: org.ubuntubudgie.quickchar
Package: budgie-quickchar
  C: Budgie Quickchar
  C: Quickly find and choose the equivalent locale character for an ascii character
  C: >-
          Budgie Quickchar is a mini-app to find locale characters quickly:
      <li>Press Super+Alt+C to call the window (Need budgie-extras budgie-extras-daemon)</li>
      <li>Type a character, and all its derivates will appear.</li>
      <li>Click one (or tab to the targeted character and press Return) and the character will be pasted into the document</li>
      <li>Press again to toggle visibility, or Escape to hide</li>

        This application has been created primarily for the budgie-desktop but will also work on all X11 based desktops.
ProjectGroup: Ubuntu Budgie
ProjectLicense: GPL-3.0-or-later
- Utility
  - characters
  - unicode
  - punctuation
  - letters
  homepage: https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras
  bugtracker: https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras/issues
  translate: https://www.transifex.com/ubuntu-budgie/ubuntu-budgie-extras
  donation: https://ubuntubudgie.org/donate
  - name: budgie-quickchar_org.ubuntubudgie.quickchar.png
    width: 48
    height: 48
  - name: budgie-quickchar_org.ubuntubudgie.quickchar.png
    width: 64
    height: 64
  - name: budgie-quickchar_org.ubuntubudgie.quickchar.png
    width: 128
    height: 128
  - url: org/ubuntubudgie/quickchar/db7ca1f79518cb6e2b02febb8e50f3ab/icons/128x128/budgie-quickchar_org.ubuntubudgie.quickchar.png
    width: 128
    height: 128
  stock: org.ubuntubudgie.quickchar
  - org.ubuntubudgie.quickchar.desktop
  - quickchar
- default: true
    C: The options window
  - url: org/ubuntubudgie/quickchar/db7ca1f79518cb6e2b02febb8e50f3ab/screenshots/image-1_224x58.png
    width: 224
    height: 58
    url: org/ubuntubudgie/quickchar/db7ca1f79518cb6e2b02febb8e50f3ab/screenshots/image-1_orig.png
    width: 903
    height: 236
- version: 1.4.0
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1646956800
    C: >-
      <p>Budgie Bonanza</p>

      <p>This release adds the following features:</p>

        <li>Budgie Applications Menu applet: this has the following enhancements from upstream:  - App context menu available
      when right click from search results.  Reads the PrefersNonDefaultGPU setting from .desktop files and uses that to automatically
      configure default or non-default GPU.  - Adds a new context menu to support choosing the other GPU</li>
        <li>Applications menu category view now defaults to 6px which gives a less squashed look for most themes - this can
      be configured via the applet settings.</li>
        <li>Quicknote pop-up correctly retains its scroll-position so no need to keep scrolling up and down to find text you
      previously was looking at.</li>
        <li>Made Shuffler more robust, handling situations when a window was just closed before a shuffler action was performed
      on it,  or when trying to perform an action on a window of an invalid window type</li>
        <li>Stylish new Shuffler panel icon</li>
        <li>Budgie Previews, Budgie Quickchar and Budgie Window Shuffler now appear in GNOME-Software with meaningful descriptions
      and pictures.</li>
        <li>Shuffle windows according to which is the active monitor.</li>
        <li>Shuffle Control window animations match Budgie Settings' cross-fade.</li>
        <li>Fix Shuffler rules to check window type</li>
        <li>Dropby handle MMC</li>
        <li>Add ChromeOS based layout.</li>
        <li>Update default Ubuntu Budgie layout.</li>
        <li>Add delay option for Hot-corners; useful for touchpads that have difficulty measuring speed of movement.</li>
        <li>Lots and lots of translations.</li>
        <li>Handle terminating secondary processes more gracefully, when applets are removed from the panel .</li>
        <li>Removed Window Mover applet since no longer supported.</li>
        <li>Removed Workspace Overview applet since no longer supported.</li>
        <li>Ejecting from Dropby is managed with modern API.</li>
        <li>Fixed Dropby popup timing.</li>
        <li>Replaced deprecated Notify2 based notifications with notify-send.</li>
        <li>Desktop file icons moved to the recommended hicolor icon folder location.</li>
        <li>Fixed missing QuickChar icon; new icon designed.</li>
        <li>Network applet settings now opens in budgie-control-center if installed.</li>
        <li>Network applet spinner icon handled correctly when connecting to VPNs.</li>
        <li>Network applet settings now opens in budgie-control-center if installed.</li>
        <li>Changed from ChangeLog to NEWS file for version history.</li>
- version: 1.3.91
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1646352000
    C: >-
      <p>Beta 2</p>
- version: 1.3.90
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1645228800
    C: >-
      <p>Beta 1</p>
- version: 1.3.0
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1631664000
    C: >-
      <p>Hustle and Shuffle</p>

      <p>This release adds the following features:</p>

        <li>Lots of updated translations from our brilliant translators</li>
        <li>Fix for spamming the syslog when previews was enabled but end-user was logged into a wayland desktop session</li>
        <li>Budgie Window Shuffler applet to apply layouts visually Fix for Window Shuffler layouts executable installation
      path to work on stateless distros Window Shuffler Control has been completely revamped and redesigned Shuffler now includes
      Window Rules Shuffler Window rules now allow you to open application windows on specific workspaces - note: GNOME 40
      and later utilises the Shuffler super alt left/right keys. For Ubuntu Budgie we use a gsetting override to revert to
      wm keybindings prior to GNOME 40</li>
        <li>Applications Menu - Calculator now shows a visual hint how to copy the result to the clipboard. Try it - press
      Super then enter 2+2 Applications Menu - transition from Grid to List modes is now a fade rather than a slide animation
      We no longer install the elementary gsettings schema - this ensures we don’t clash with a pantheon install. The elementary
      schema entry is now found in the budgie applications schema. Some themes space the category list oddly. We now have
      a user configurable override</li>
        <li>Fuzzy Clock - always default to 12hr spoken clock format</li>
        <li>Network applet: Fix where after connecting to a VPN spinner cursor was still showing</li>
        <li>VisualSpace - we now display a hint when you open the popover - scrolling over the panel icon changes the workspace.</li>
        <li>Brightness Controller has now been reworked to use GNOMEs dbus control … so this should be all distro friendly
      and will reflect accurately the same Power slider in GNOME Settings.</li>
    violence-cartoon: none
    violence-fantasy: none
    violence-realistic: none
    violence-bloodshed: none
    violence-sexual: none
    drugs-alcohol: none
    drugs-narcotics: none
    drugs-tobacco: none
    sex-nudity: none
    sex-themes: none
    language-profanity: none
    language-humor: none
    language-discrimination: none
    social-chat: none
    social-info: none
    social-audio: none
    social-location: none
    social-contacts: none
    money-purchasing: none
    money-gambling: none