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io.github.wxmaxima_developers.wxMaxima - 22.05.0-1 ⚙ amd64 ⚙ arm64 ⚙ armhf ⚙ i386 ⚙ mips64el ⚙ ppc64el ⚙ s390x

Type: desktop-application
ID: io.github.wxmaxima_developers.wxMaxima
Package: wxmaxima
  C: wxMaxima
  C: A graphical user interface for Maxima, a powerful computer algebra system
  C: >-
          wxMaxima is a graphical user interface for the computer algebra system Maxima:
          a program that solves mathematical problems by manipulating
          equations (and outputting the resulting formula), instead of just
          calculating a number. wxMaxima eases the use of Maxima by making
          most of its commands available through a menu system and by
          providing input dialogs for commands that require more than one
          argument. It also implements its own display engine that outputs
          mathematical symbols directly instead of depicting them with
          ASCII characters.
          wxMaxima also features 2D and 3D inline plots, simple animations,
          mixing of text and mathematical calculations to create documents,
          exporting of input and output to TeX, document structuring and a
          browser for Maxima's manual including command index and full text
  C: wxMaxima Team
ProjectLicense: GPL-2.0-or-later
- Science
- Education
  - maths
  - cas
  - algebra
  - education
  - engineering
  - physics
  bugtracker: https://github.com/wxMaxima-developers/wxmaxima/issues
  homepage: https://wxMaxima-developers.github.io/wxmaxima/
  help: https://wxmaxima-developers.github.io/wxmaxima/help.html
  - name: wxmaxima_io.github.wxmaxima_developers.wxMaxima.png
    width: 64
    height: 64
  stock: io.github.wxmaxima_developers.wxMaxima
  - io.github.wxmaxima_developers.wxMaxima.desktop
  - wxMaxima
  - text/x-wxmaxima-batch
  - text/x-wxmathml
  - text/x-maximasession
  - text/x-maxima-out
- default: true
    C: An example of a plot embedded in a work sheet
  - url: io/github/wxmaxima_developers.wxMaxima/37a96cf083d5df4ad03db296475e48b2/screenshots/image-1_1248x702.png
    width: 1248
    height: 702
  - url: io/github/wxmaxima_developers.wxMaxima/37a96cf083d5df4ad03db296475e48b2/screenshots/image-1_752x423.png
    width: 752
    height: 423
  - url: io/github/wxmaxima_developers.wxMaxima/37a96cf083d5df4ad03db296475e48b2/screenshots/image-1_624x351.png
    width: 624
    height: 351
  - url: io/github/wxmaxima_developers.wxMaxima/37a96cf083d5df4ad03db296475e48b2/screenshots/image-1_224x126.png
    width: 224
    height: 126
    url: io/github/wxmaxima_developers.wxMaxima/37a96cf083d5df4ad03db296475e48b2/screenshots/image-1_orig.png
    width: 1440
    height: 810
- locale: ca
  percentage: 49
- locale: cs
  percentage: 32
- locale: da
  percentage: 26
- locale: de
  percentage: 99
- locale: el
  percentage: 33
- locale: en_US
  percentage: 100
- locale: es
  percentage: 94
- locale: fi
  percentage: 32
- locale: fr
  percentage: 35
- locale: gl
  percentage: 47
- locale: hu
  percentage: 97
- locale: it
  percentage: 97
- locale: ja
  percentage: 43
- locale: kab
  percentage: 38
- locale: nb
  percentage: 36
- locale: pl
  percentage: 34
- locale: pt_BR
  percentage: 35
- locale: ru
  percentage: 100
- locale: tr
  percentage: 83
- locale: uk
  percentage: 100
- locale: zh_CN
  percentage: 95
- locale: zh_TW
  percentage: 35
- version: 22.05.0
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1653605400
    C: "<p>Mainly Bug fixes.\n\t Updated the Ukrainian translationAdded guess_exact_value to the numeric menuAdded lapack
      to the matrix menuAdded linpack to the numeric menuAdded a &quot;declare facts&quot; right-click menu entry to variablesWe
      no more reserve space for hidden inputA better logexpand section in the numeric menuMany wizards have a more modern
      look and feel, nowThe modern-style wizards are now dockable by defaultUndo and redo buttons for the toolbarA &quot;construct
      fraction&quot; wizard (#1664)Printing multiple-page documents now should work again on Linux (#1671)The selection should
      now no more overwrite test (#1665)Hidden code cells now are correctly sent to maxime (#1674)MacOs: The toolbar icons
      work now on retina screens (#1657)MacOs: The config dialogue works again (#1662)Many additional MacOs fixesThe Cygwin
      build works againSupport for wxWidgets 3.1.6</p>"
- version: 22.04.0
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1649496960
    C: "<p>Mainly Bug fixes.\n\t A Russian translation update from Olesya GerasimenkoFaster startup logicRepaired drag-and-drop
      on MacOs (#1624)Resolved a bug in parenthesis matching (#1649)</p>"
- version: 22.03.0
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1647727200
    C: >-
      <p>Many bug fixes and improvements.
          Add an compile option &quot;WXM_INCLUDE_FONTS&quot;, which allows to
      specify, if additional fonts should be included.

      Current default: YES; use -DWXM_INCLUDE_FONTS=NO when calling

      CMake to disable that.

      Including fonts caused some issues on MacOS. (#1580)Rename command line option --logtostdout to --logtostderr.

      Because the option does print the log messages to STDERR, not STDOUT.A better heuristics for finding out what to style
      as 1D mathsAn updated french translation from Frédéric ChapotonConsistent image resolutionsNo more crashes on exporting
      multiple animations at once (#1616)Drag-and-Drop in the table of contentsTable of contents: Convert sections to subsections
      and similar (#1629)Parenthesis and quote matching now uses the maxima parser.

      This means it now both knows the details of the maxima language

      and is much faster than before.A way of limiting the toc depth shown in the table of contentsNow the problems after
      a kill(all) should be finally resolvedBetter support for the debugger (#1625)Machine-Float NaNs no more causes XML errorsLabels
      with hexadecimal numbers no more cause crashes (#1633)wxMaxima no more skips chars in subscripted variables (#1632)Merging
      cells per keyboard shortcut works again (#1626)Symbols buttons whose symbols the GUI font lacks are now hidden</p>
- version: 21.11.0
  type: stable
  unix-timestamp: 1637517600
    C: >-
      <p>Many bug fixes and improvements.
          Allow seeing all files in the file save dialog. (#1557)Fix an error when using Alt up arrow (show previous command)
      (#1566)Rewrote a config dialogueImprovements in the manualUpdate Spanish translation of manualUpdate German, Russian,
      Hungarian and Ukrainian translationFix a warning, which occurred, when starting wxMaxima the first timeww898 unnecessarily
      limited the list of supported platformswxMaxima&apos;s properties to Maxima symbols can now no more be killedAllow single
      GroupCells to be converted to LaTeXEnable reloading and changing images inserted via &quot;Cell&quot; -&gt; &quot;Insert
      Image...&quot; (#1597)Correctly set the document saved state when the size of an image is changedUse the AUTHORS file
      for the Credits page in the &quot;About&quot; dialogueHandle power events (#1607)Fix ugly buttons in the sidebars with
      recent wxWidgets</p>
    social-info: mild