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Last updated on: 2023-05-24 20:30 [UTC]

Hints for josm-installer in contrib

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  • metainfo-duplicate-id
    The component-id 'org.openstreetmap.josm' already appeared in package 'josm'. AppStream-IDs must be unique, please resolve which package will be providing this component by default.
    This issue may happen temporarily when metadata is moved from one package to another. In that case, ignore this issue, it will vanish soon.


  • asv-screenshot-no-media
    :26 -
    A screenshot must contain at least one image or video in order to be useful. Please add an <image/> to it.


  • asv-unknown-tag
    :29 - updatecontact
    Found invalid tag. Non-standard tags should be prefixed with `x-`. AppStream also provides the <custom/> tag to add arbitrary custom data to metainfo files. This tag is read by AppStream libraries and may be useful instead of defining new custom toplevel or `x-`-prefixed tags if you just want to add custom data to a metainfo file.